Friday, July 16, 2010

Tag! You're It! R is for..Reyna! ABC Tag ♥

So, I’ve been dying to do a tag! They look so fun and I finally found one that looked pretty interesting. Plus, not only fun, but challenging! Chocokittyxx5 actually tagged everyone so I decided to take a shot at it. Go check out her blog! Anyways, in this tag you pretty much take every letter of the alphabet and make a sentence describing you that starts with the letter. So, here's mine(:

Amazingly obsessed with fashion blogs. Who isn’t?

Books! Yes, I read. And I like it(:

Curly hair. Yes, I have natural curls and sometimes I think wow, so pretty, and other times I'm like, okay where's my straightener??

Dogs are one of my favorite animals. I have two that I love so much.

Everything will all work out. My dad tells me that everyday(:

Fashion is something I can’t live without..

Good friends are something I can’t live without either!

Have two older sisters who annoy me but I love them.

I love trying out new beauty products!

Just living life with a smile. I love quotes and inspiration(:

Killers is a really funny movie. And I love Ashton Kutcher (:

Love and lipgloss

Movies! I could take a rainy day and turn it amazing just by popping in a movie(:

New to the blogging community. Well, not too new, but new.

Oh so sweet

Pale pink is such a pretty color!

Queen. My name means Queen in Spanish(:

Reyna. My name!

Sunny days. Just give me some sunglasses, and a good book and I’ll love it!

Twitter! I’m addicted. Tweet tweet!

Understanding. I’m a great listener.

Very sweet. I try to be polite everywhere I go!

Weaknesses: Expensive clothing stores and ice-cream!

Xtra obsessed with taking pictures. And writing, and reading, and fashion..I should just stop! (:

You make me smile. Yes you. By being on my blog right now(:

Zebra stripes! I love ‘em(:

♥ ♥ ♥

(p.s.: u do not need to include photo..)

Hope you had fun reading!

I tag everyone! All my followers or anyone who reads my blog! Just leave a comment below or the link to your tag post. I’d love to read everyone’s! (:



  1. ice-cream is my weakness too! hehe ;)

  2. i loved this ! while in was readiin it i was likee .... oh , i should have put that instead ! very creative ... thank you so much for doing this !

    meredith :)

  3. I would definitely do this tomorrow. Too sleepy for now. :)

  4. aww, thank you so much for doing my tag! :)
    i love your answers! <3


    i did it! haha! :)

  6. I did it to ^^, I've linked you in mine aswell!

    Have a lovely weekend Xx


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