Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tag! When I Was...♥

Hey! This is another fun tag that I'm doing. I actually was thrilled to find out I got tagged by Chocokittyxx5 personally. Go check out her blog, Lipgloss can fix any problem.

But back to the tag. Basically, you try to remember most of your childhood throughout the years and everything you loved. Although it's a lot of typing, I love to look back and this should be so much fun! (:

♥ ♥ ♥

When I was really little, I used to love to go on errands with my mom. Grocery shopping, the bank, the laundromat, to her volleyball practices where she coached. You know, it's so funny because now I hate being dragged around. But, when I was little, it was one of the best things I looked forward to.

When I was going to Pre-school, I brought my best friend with me. We both had little backpacks. We stayed best friends until fifth grade. Although I still talk to her a little today, it's not the same. But through all those years, we did everything together and had the most amazing times!

When I was five, there were so many shows I was addicted to. Today, I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars and Wipeout. Back then, I was addicted to Little Bear, Dora, Dragon Tales, Arthur, and Blue's Clues. Oh, those were the days.

When I was six, I was playing in the backyard with my best friends. We would pretend my swingset was a pirate ship. Sometimes, I would pretend I fell off it, and my dog was a shark. Then, my friends would have to save me. Best Game Ever.

When I was seven and eight years old, I think I was really interested in doing people's hair. I think when I did my sister's hair, she had trouble finding the ponytail after. I'm much better at it today(:

When I was ten, my cousin and I watched the Lizzie McGuire movie just like chocokittyxx5 had mentioned in her tag post. But, what my cousin and I did was make dance moves to every single song and performed them in front of our entire family. We thought we were amazing, although we weren't the best choreographers..

When I was eleven and twelve, I thought the most important thing was to fit in and be wanted at school. But now I know that's not true.

When I was thirteen I started figuring out who my true friends were and which ones weren't.

I'm fourteen now and a lot has changed. Someday I'll look back and say: "When I was 14.." But until then, I just want to live and learn with a smile(:

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for reading! I loved looking back on all these memories. Makes me sad, but makes me happy(: There are so much more.

Feel free to do this tag! I tag everyone and anyone! Just let me know in the comments or on Twitter (:

**note that the picture does not have to be included.


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  1. thank you so much for doing this ! i loved reading it :)


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