Friday, July 2, 2010

The Styles and Joy of Fourth of July ♥

So, as we all know, Fourth of July is just around the corner. The day where we celebrate America’s independence. The day where we get to be with friends and family. I remember when I was about maybe seven years old and my older sisters and I would all wear little matching Fourth of July outfits. We would watch the fireworks in the sky and be astonished by all the beautiful colors.

Though things have changed and I am now older, I still see the joy in Fourth of July. I still am amazed by the fireworks and I still love celebrating this lovely day with my family.

♥ ♥ ♥

I’d love to share these patriotic styles I’ve found!

Comment below your thoughts and how you will be celebrating Fourth of July this year! (:


  1. I never really dress fullout Fourth of July on the day. This year, I am. You have inspired me to do so. :) Love the first runway look and the wedges.

  2. wow everything is so pretty! :) Love your blog dear!


  3. The shoes are just adorable!!!!

    And I'll be with the boy's family at base, celebrating. =)


  4. I hope you have a great holiday!


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