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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Misfortune in Manhattan♥

So, I know I have already blogged about my Manhattan books and I am not trying to brag, truth is I hate boasting because I don't know I just do. Anyways, my book "Misfortune in Manhattan" is already out. And right now, my publisher is working on my second book in the series called "Misfortune in Manhattan: Kylie and Stella's Encounter". I'll put all the pictures below and the synopsis of each book. My second Manhattan book should be out pretty soon, although I am still tweaking it with my publisher, because nothing is ever perfect the first time.

So, Christina, my publisher told me that her granddaughter who I think is either 14 like me, or 15, told me I should start working on a third Manhattan book about hotel heiress's Stella's friends (if you read the books, you will find out who that is). Well, I thought it was so funny, because I am already working on one just like that! I'm thinking about calling it "Misfortune in Manhattan: Moments at Miss Mel's." Miss Mel's Private High is a private school in my series. Then, I want the cover to be either blue or purple but I can't decide. Of course I'm only around page fifty, so that won't be for a while. Ha.

My inspiration for these books were that my dream has always been to travel to New York and shop on 5th Avenue, all that sweet stuff. I think when I research and turn my dreams into a story, it really helps me to feel better. With my books, I use a lot of real places, and also some that I make up, I admit. I also have a passion for fashion. Ha, that rhymes! But, I do use a lot of fashion in these books, because I never get sick of it. Sometimes, I wish I were my characters, but I love being me anyways, so that's okay! (:
So here's some info on my books:

Misfortune in Manhattan (1):
"After being forced to live with her stuck-up Aunt Julianne in Manhattan, Kylie Fisher’s life changes completely. When Julianne forces Kylie to go to work with her at the Manhattan Fashion Magazine Company, Kylie develops an unknown talent, when she accidentally sends an article to Julianne’s boss on her computer. Little did she know that her articles would become famous, but not her. When Julianne starts getting all the fame and fortune, she forces Kylie to keep writing for her, or she’ll send her back to Wisconsin to a foster home. Can Kylie keep such a grand secret? Or let Julianne down, including letting herself down?

Join Kylie Fisher on her Manhattan adventure, where her life transforms from decent, to dazzling."
This book really kicked off the series for me. I really like the character Kylie because she is really in depth in fashion, but also knows how to stay true to herself.

Misfortune in Manhattan: Kylie and Stella's Encounter (A Sequel) (2)

"Starting fresh, Kylie Fisher is more than ready to start school at Sharp Point Middle School otherwise known as "SPMS". What better than new friends, designer bags, and morning lattes? That is, until she encounters hotel heiress Stella Golden, who transferred from Miss Mel's Private High just this year. Kylie thought wars were over for her. But, she thought way too soon. There is nothing worse than a horrible start with Stella, and that is just what Kylie got. With her birthday ruined and end of summer ruined, who knows what Stella Golden could do the entire school year?

Join Kylie and Stella on more Manhattan mishaps that are sure to bring major drama...for both of them. "This book I think really showed improvement from my first book. I tend to improve book by book. This is a fun story with lots of drama (:

And as you know, I already told you about the other one I'm writing about Miss Mel's students. Hopefully I can get that finished soon.

I'm also thinking about a small book tour. Kind of nervous about book signings since I've never done one, but I'm sure it'll be fun! (:

So, don't miss my Manhattan series! I hope you have as much fun reading them as much as I did writing them!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Writing Away your Misfortune ♥

There are days when life seems to fall apart. Maybe somebody said something that put your dreams in a dusty drawer. Maybe school or work is becoming harder and more stressful. There are days like this where you just want to hide.
But I find that maybe hiding will just make everything worse.

I find that if you write, it is sort of like therapy for your heart and mind. Whether it is just your journal, or an actual story, there is a way to put a smile on your face for the first time all day. Or maybe even all week.

I find that if I write about different characters that face the same problems I face everyday, the way I have them overcome that problem heals me. Or maybe I can write about a character who is highly fashionable. Who lives in New York and works for a magazine and struts around enjoying life. I can be drenched in that world and take my mind of the world that hurts sometimes.

So pick up a pen. The possibilities are endless. And healing your mind and heart, can heal everything you face in this crazy by snappedUP (: