Saturday, May 8, 2010

Writing Away your Misfortune ♥

There are days when life seems to fall apart. Maybe somebody said something that put your dreams in a dusty drawer. Maybe school or work is becoming harder and more stressful. There are days like this where you just want to hide.
But I find that maybe hiding will just make everything worse.

I find that if you write, it is sort of like therapy for your heart and mind. Whether it is just your journal, or an actual story, there is a way to put a smile on your face for the first time all day. Or maybe even all week.

I find that if I write about different characters that face the same problems I face everyday, the way I have them overcome that problem heals me. Or maybe I can write about a character who is highly fashionable. Who lives in New York and works for a magazine and struts around enjoying life. I can be drenched in that world and take my mind of the world that hurts sometimes.

So pick up a pen. The possibilities are endless. And healing your mind and heart, can heal everything you face in this crazy by snappedUP (:


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