Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love My Followers! ♥

I hit over 50 followers! Thank you everyone so much! I'm pretty sure I'm following everyone, for I have so much interest in your lovely blogs! If I haven't, just leave me a comment to come check yours out(:

Now, some people are thinking I'm crazy for being excited about this, but it seems like just yesterday my blog was at 2 followers. I'm so happy people actually read what I write now!

And I'm so thankful for every single comment I've received. Thank you!!! ♥

P.S: Sorry for posting twice today. For more fun posts, scroll down(:



  1. Congractulations girl, 50 is a lot and you are going to get many more trust me because your blog is amazing keep up the hard work girl:) xx

  2. Congratulations! That's really great! btw I love your post on Elle and Blair! :)

  3. congratulations. if you want to have more followers try networked blogs maybe ",)

  4. Congratulations! 50 followers is definitely something to be proud of! :D

  5. congratulations! :)i love this blog, really nice. :)

  6. Heyy congrtz on the 50 followers! Keep up the good work girlyy!


  7. Will u follow me too? I am starting out an have noone to comment on my blogs.....:-(

  8. Hi

    I just came across your blog for the first time!

    After reading it i am now your newest follower <3

    I would appreciate it if youd take a wee peek at mines and maybe follow too as i feel like am talking to myself like you wrote kinda in this blog post lol:

    Thankss =)



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