Monday, September 20, 2010

Teen Vogue Tips ♥

I've decided to start a new "series" on my blog. It's called Teen Vogue Tips and I get these tips from the Teen Vogue Handbook (pictured above). I got this yesterday for my birthday.

It features tips on how to be successful with careers in fashion, fun stuff, etc. If you dream of becoming in depth in the fashion world such as becoming a designer, writer, model, stylist, photographer, anything, this book has tips on how to make those dreams come true.

I need your opinion, readers!!!

Would you like it if I snagged some tips from this book and shared it for you? I take one tip and make it into a blog post. A tip a day, a tip a week, it depends on when I write them.

Are you looking forward to some Teen Vogue Tips?(:

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  1. Yes do it...btw I love that book I use to read it everyday best book to have if your into fashion :)

  2. we don't have the book so go with it and we'll read along

  3. thats a good idea! i have this book and love it, very helpful!

  4. I think a tip a week sounds great. You can never have too many makeup tips.

    If you haven't checked it out already, I just posted a big giveaway. (9 MAC products, an Urban Decay Naked Palette and a cute makeup bag).


  5. this is a great idea. i would love to hear what teen vogue has to say about becoming a fashion stylist. please do this!

  6. Excellent idea! If you could definitely include the tips for models, that would be so nice ;)


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