Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teen Vogue Tip #1 Use if: You are/want to be a Fashion Designer ♥

Teen Vogue Tip #1: Hone your basic skills. You have to be able to sketch(in your own creative way; not neccesarily well). The two important things for a designer are carrying an idea and being able to translate. (tip from the Teen Vogue Handbook)

Use this Tip If: You dream of becoming a fashion designer

Mulleavy sisters Kate and Laura. Fashion Designers from the Teen Vogue Handbook.(photo above)

(Stay Tuned for more Teen Vogue Tips in my future posts!)

What are your thoughts on this tip #1?(:


  1. I definitely agree. I was in Fashion Merchandising in school or awhile but eventually dropped out because I just didn't have the talent for it or the passion. It sucks that people who have such great ideas may never get to realize their dreams because they can;t draw, but on the other hand, you need to be able to translate your ideas to others.

  2. very important! :) i can't sketch which is why i can't be a designer! haha :)

    are you studying to be a designer?

  3. I wanna be a designer! but i can't sketch... so that dream is out of the window... lol

  4. i think a lot of people overlook at this one.. it's great to be reminded of :)

    come visit me and hope you follow my blog too! thanks!

  5. I definitely agree. I'd love to do it, but can't sketch for anything.. so I'll just stay in college for psychology instead haha

  6. nice tips! this is probably everyone's dream job :)

  7. Such a lovely blog! Get post, your beautiful!


  8. I think it's a good tip but a little redundant as anyone who wants to be a designer probably already knows how to sketch because if they didn't, they couldn't be a designer and they probably already do sketch a lot because it is their passion. Maybe it's just me?
    I did love the Teen Vogue Handbook though, it had some pretty interesting stuff in it.
    Love your blow btw! :)

  9. I agree. Being able to translate your ideas to other people is important. But I think it's mainly important to just have a medium of doing so. Sketches are great, but some people are amazing at drawing things on the computer but cannot do a thing on paper. So it really depends. :)

    /thank you so much for commenting on my blog :)

    Classy and Delicious

  10. Sketching doesn't come easy for everyone but it is a good tip. Maybe even being able to write down in detail what your idea is would count...


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