Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Fall Wishlist ♥

Fall is here and not only do I want clothes, there are some really great things coming that I absolutely don't need, but I absolutely would loooove to have! (BTW today is my birthday! Kinda random but yeah) Music

Taylor Swift's new album Speak Now, which comes out in October!


Lauren Conrad's next LA Candy novel. I love these books soo much! This one comes out beginning of October and I cannot wait!

Lauren Conrad's new book style comes out beginning of October and I'm excited to see what it's all about (:

Fall Fashions

I really want a trench coat!

Brown Suede boots. For some reason I think they are super cute and perfect for Fall! (:

♥ ♥ ♥

What's on your Fall Wishlist? (:


  1. today is ur birthday? Happy birthday!!! may everything on ur wishlist comes true!

  2. happy birthday! love your wishlist

  3. Reyna♥ said...
    Aww, those items are so cute!(:

    Thank you for your comment Reyna, I think so too! :) I really want to read Lauren Conrad's books, I just haven't got round to it yet. Have a lovely birthday! x

  4. Happy birthday! I really want a plaid blazer for fall, or a brown blazer with plaid turn up sleeves. I hope you get it all :) I've been meaning to get an Autobiography from a fashionable person for a while, so I might get Laurens, Sugar and spice is a lovely name for it!

    Katie xoxo

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What are you doing to celebrate?

  6. Happy birthday, hope you have a blessed day!
    Can't wait for Taylor Swift's new album to be released, it's going to be great =D

  7. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!Did you get everything on your list?

    XOXO - Christy

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    Brown suede boots are a must, they go with everything!
    I haven't read LC's book, will have to check it out, thanks for the tip!


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