Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of High School Tomorrow, Upcoming Posts, Etc..♥

Hey everyone!

I know I've been really slacking on my blog. Truth is, I've been preparing for my first day of high school tomorrow! I'm super nervous, and I just haven't had time to really do a great post, so once I get going with school and get used to everything, I'll have these posts down below:

-Back to School Clothes Haul
- Sephora Dior Makeup Haul
- Loving her Style Posts
- Fashion Photo of the Day Posts
- Item of the day posts

I'm not exactly sure when I'll have these up, but I'm working on them. In the meantime, which one of the posts are you looking forward to the most? (:

And I know this is annoying, but I would love for you to enter my giveaway! Deadline is Sept. 10th and Entry is so Easy! Please Enter! Click away!

Wish me luck at high school, and once again, I'm so sorry for the lack of good, fashion posts on my blog!



  1. Aww, good luck and take your time! :)

  2. Aw, good luck with your first day! And don't worry about finding them time to blog. It sounds like you have some lovely things planned, though. I'm excited for all of them!

    Going to check out your giveaway now (:

  3. good luck for your first day of high school you will have so much fun!
    looking forward to your haul posts!

    Mon xx

  4. good luck :) have fun!!

    love kerry


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