Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist ♥

People have been asking me what I want for Christmas, and to be honest, this list was hard to make. My biggest wish is to be with my family this holiday, bake treats and cookies, sit by the fire, and make some memories. But, down below are some items that make up my small list(:
Starbucks gift card. I can never get enough! (:

I NEED this flat iron! My hair is crazy curly and I hate damaging it with my other straightener. This one above straightens AND dries your hair! It's like a two in one and the reviews are amazing! (:
Some more Bare Escentuals makeup, especially their lipgloss! (:

Some new cardigans! They are my favorite item this season! (:

Tickets to see AND MAYBE MEET my role model and favorite singer, Taylor Swift! I've been to one of her concerts and it was AMAZING! Cross your fingers I'll get to go to another one! (:

Some fashion books! I love to read and I love fashion, so why not? (:

And the list goes, not really. That's pretty much it. I may think of some other things, but really, I don't need much. After all, the best gift I can get is being with family and friends and having a wonderful time this year! (:

Tell me what's on your wishlist! (:


  1. Great list! And I agree, I just moved with my immediate family (parents and sisters) but the rest of my family stayed back and my grandma is paying for us all to fly down and visit, I can't wait!! :)

    ♥ xoxo

  2. My wishlist is never ending, literally.
    Brown brogues, polka dot tights, floral tights, red converse high tops, hareems, a jumpsuit, a new cropped top...
    I also need loads of things for upcoming photoshoots: red contact lenses, crucifixes...

  3. love that cardigan!

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  4. That is so funny, I ask for a Starbucks gift card every year too!! Oh how much fun I have using them!!

  5. What a fabulous wish list, AMAZING!!!


  6. That's a nice design on the Starbucks card that you posted.. Ours in Singapore is different.. and yumz... That's a definite must-get!

  7. I've got perfumes, books and jewelry on my wishlist, hopefully santa knows i've been good this year!

    Love your wishlist!

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  8. I love your Wishlist! I'm going to see taylor swift next year and i cant wait! To meet her would be awesome?!?! and Starbucks..Mmmmmhhhh Starbucks the nearest one to me is an hour away :(


  9. love your wishlist! i need a new hairsraighter too!! :p


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