Friday, December 17, 2010

I Love Snow ♥

I don't know why, but I just love snow. The way it sparkles and looks. Everything about it. I love the feeling it brings, it makes me feel like the holidays are already here. Sometimes I want to go and jump in it, other times I want to make myself some hot chocolate and watch the snowflakes slowly float to the ground. I've always wanted to go to New York this time of year, to stroll the city and see all the beautiful holiday lights ♥

Do you like snow? (:


  1. i like snow when i dont have to drive in it! love the way snow flurries fall slowly down at night :) it's a beautiful sight!

  2. I like the snow but when we get so much snow thta we get snowed in for a week like last week i hate it ;L

  3. I love snow, there's something so beautiful and peaceful about it. It's like silent rain. It makes me feel really warm and cosy when I'm wrapped up inside, and I can see it silently falling down outside! Ah.. makes me feel slightly Christmassy even thinking about it! :) xxxx

  4. I adore the snow, though haven't seen any in years since I moved to the tropics. Can't wait to go back to the states and eating up some snowflakes, lol.

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  5. Snow is so amazing!

    My perfect 'snowy day' is to spend a few hours morning to afternoon out building a snowman, sledding, making snow angles, etc...then coming inside, sitting my the fire, and drink hot coca! ♥ it! :)

    Merry [almost!] Christmas!!

    ♥ xoxo

  6. Im more of a sunny/beach girl! Don't mind being in snow for a little but couldn't live in it!

  7. I love snow! But it's only beautiful before it turns into snow slush. ;)

    Lovely image!

    Anio x

  8. I just discovered your blog, it's really cute (:

    it doesn't really snow where I live, but I wish that it did!

    check out my blog sometime if you ever get the chance

  9. haha i loove snow. but here is snowing for a streight´s kinda annoying and the traffic is unbelievable....but i still love it :)
    BTW: Rey. i tagged you on a award :)

  10. I like to see snow from my window, when I am very warm inside and I don't need to go out! :)

  11. come to england, theres so much snow here right now!

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  12. I love snow when it's there for more than 1 day! I don't like snow when it's melting and there's so much mud, water and crap on the streets!
    And off course the beauty of the landscape is amazing under a white pack of snow:)

    Xx Jorien


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