Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Picture Has A Strange Story

Aww, look! See that girl doing a cartwheel in a field by the pier? Oh, hey, that's me! A couple weeks ago, I was upnorth and walking on the pier with my sisters and cousins. My mom had her camera and we had just walked into the grass and I felt so free, I decided to do a cartwheel...mid-flip, a white werewolf pops out from behind a tree. Yup, I said it. A White Werewolf.
Here he is. The guy that scared me half to death. I mean, what kind of guy just randomly goes to a pier dressed as a werewolf, just to scare innocent people, LIKE MYSELF? Hmm, well, my mom had the benefit of getting some pictures of this guy. I ran for my life.
^^^ Well, hello. ^^^

Okay, that's my story, just thought you would all be interested. Ha.

On a normal note, the sky and pier were beautiful! ♥ (I'm the girl in the middle, fixing her hair, eyes closed, yeahh..)


  1. Beautiful pictures! How crazy! (About werewolf dude) I would've done the exact same thing girl, dont worry!!

  2. Lovely pictures! Love the first one :D
    It looks cool ^-^

  3. Great pictures!! I love the one of you guys walking up the pier. Gorgeous.

  4. that is too strange.... but kinda funny!! At least the white werewolf makes for a good story!


  5. Loving the cartwheel, lol! I can't do one anymore. And what was up with the guy in white, spooky!


  6. you look so pretty in the first picture!!


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