Friday, March 18, 2011

Victoria Justice On This Month's Issue Of Seventeen Magazine! ♥

Every month I look forward to getting my Seventeen magazine in the mail. It's my favorite fashion mag out there and my dream job is to be an editor there. I was ecstatic to find out that Victoria Justice is on the cover. She's one of my top role models! She's gorgeous and I love her personality and her style. Down below are some pictures from her shoot! (:


PS: St. Patrick's Day was yesterday! I wore a green ribbon in my hair and painted my nails a sparkly light green. I couldn't really find a green shirt, so I had to do something(: How was your St. Patrick's Day? ♥


  1. I love getting my Seventeen magazine in the mail too..!! Wow, that would be amazing to be an editor..! I love the fashion in the magazine, and the beauty tips. It's a great magazine; my favorite.

  2. She looks gorgeous in all the photos!

  3. Got the mag in the mail the other day! Just love the outfits they styled her with! :)

  4. Love the images...loves them

  5. I love her personality from the interviews I've seen her in although I don't watch her show. I love the shoot!

  6. i like how she was styled inside the mag. btw, i love natalie portman too!


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