Friday, October 8, 2010

You Asked For It..♥

Hey! So I posted a question post for fun a few days ago and got some really amazing 6 questions from some bloggers who wanted to learn more about me. Now, I'm here to answer them! (:

What is your favorite outfit to wear these days?

Right now, I have outfits that are paired with cardigans. This season, cardigans have to be my favorite item. I have an outfit that has a white and tan tank top underneath a striped brown and cream cardigan, with dark jeggings and I love wearing it! (:

Do you have a style icon and if so, who?

Yes, I do. My style icon would have to be Lauren Conrad. I've always admired her for everything, and her style is something I admire about her too. She is pretty much my role model. I love how she always looks super cute but doesn't go overboard. Everywhere I see her, she has a cute, simple look(:

If you could write for any fashion magazine, which would you choose?

Seventeen Magazine for sure! They are actually following me on twitter and I was so excited! But, back to the point. Seventeen Magazine is actually my favorite magazine to read and I get it every month. There is a fashion section, health, beauty, real life stories, and I can really relate to mostly everything in there. I really dream to work there as an editor someday(:

What do you do when you are not blogging?

When am I not blogging? Haha, just kidding. When I'm not blogging, I like to text, hang out with my friends and family, go out to dinner, go shopping, hang at Starbucks lols, have a good time, play piano, guitar, tennis, run, read, and write. I'm also thinking about taking a sewing class, so I can learn more about fashion and textures and become more in depth. It could help me in the future. There are a lot of things I want to try and there are a lot of things I love to do besides blogging, those are just a few (:

What is your favorite quote and why?

Great question, because I am totally obsessed with quotes. They seriously inspire me and I love finding new ones everyday! I really have lots of favorites but if I would have to choose one it would be,
"But when I think about it and take a step back, I remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe, just maybe, I like being unperfect..♥ -unknown" I just love how it is worded as simple as that. I think everyone should learn to accept their flaws and be happy with themselves. You shouldn't care what others think and you should live your life the way you want. Just those few words say a lot to me(:

What are your favorite beauty brands?
My favorite beauty brands are Bare Escentuals and Maybelline NY. I especially like Bareminerals and bare escentuals lipgloss and Maybelline NY eyeshadow palettes(:

Thank you for the questions! I had fun answering them!



  1. This was so fun to read through! I'm quite obsessed with cardigans myself :)

  2. Cute survey :) Lauren Conrad is gorgeous : )x

  3. u definitely have that sweetness that LC has! great style icon!

  4. It was great getting to know a little more about you :) Seventeen Magazine is one of my favorite magazines, so jealous that they're following you!

  5. How fun! I loved reading more about you. I love your favorite quote and completely agree. It's all about being yourself, there's nothing so beautiful!


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