Monday, October 11, 2010

Corn Maze! ♥

Hey everyone, so yesterday, me and my best friends, Alyssa and Annalisa went to a corn maze! It was a lot of fun! This video shows our experience. Alyssa actually made it! Go check out her youtube! If you are wondering, I am in the brown, Alyssa is the redhead, and Annalisa is in the bluish/greenish shirt if ya know what I'm saying(:

(sorry for the nonfashion post. just wanted to share this vid)

Hope you enjoy!(:



  1. Oh my gosh, you have the sweetest voice ever! Lovely ladies :)

  2. ahh that looks ridiculously fun!!! i miss corn mazes this year!

  3. Looks like soo much fun and I love your voice! : ) xx


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