Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tennis ♥

What do I do besides fashion blogging? I play tennis! Haha, our season is almost over, so I decided to share a few pictures. It was my first year, and I really improved and it's super fun. I recommend you to play tennis if you haven't tried it before(:


  1. Ah! how do you look awesome even when playing tennis!? Lol I love tennis, I used to play it, then I decided to try volleyball and now i love it! Haha tennis is super fun though!

  2. Love these pictures! Tennis outfits are super cute :) x

  3. You look like you're a natural! I tried it years ago and wasn't very good.

  4. OMG if we ever meet Im playing tennis with you! haha!! i play too! I love it!!



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